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What we're doing to make our workplace a green-place

At AVH live communications we believe passionately in building a greener world. We're proud of the light footprint we cast upon the earth as a company. Since our earliest days we have embraced the responsible use of resources, appropriate technology, and scale of use. When you visit our production offices you'll see many sustainable practices ranging from our energy-conscious IT and video editing suites, to our low-voltage lighting, down to the china and glass we always use in our refreshment centre. Our downtown Toronto location allows our teams to make effective use of public mass transit and pedestrian options to serve most of our client base.

How we can help you build a better event, and a better environment:

While our creative production work usually doesn't carry an inordinately heavy environmental load, the large-scale events we create for our clients in Canada and across the globe certainly can! Environmentally responsible production will impress your audience, your clients, and can also save you money. We will help you plan an exciting event on any scale where Green-House-Gas GHG emissions and other environmental impacts are avoided or reduced as much as possible. We have a long history of low-impact conference planning. At the conference planning stage, we can share our "green meeting" checklist with you to help you implement an emission reduction strategy.

Carbon neutral conferences can highlight your organization's leadership in GHG emission reduction and offsetting. They also can help to educate, influence and engage your organization's contact audiences. We are available to work closely with your conference organizing teams to make GHG-reduced or carbon-neutral events.

Compared to conference air travel and accommodation decisions, the event itself is usually lower in environmental impact but the following steps can help "green" any meeting or conference:

  • Our focus on "projection" technology allows the greenest possible show without sacrificing high audience impact.
  • For international and remote location video shooting and meeting management, we control air travel by sourcing locally as much as possible (as long as we can maintain our renowned quality standards).
  • We can offer you LED options for lighting effects which are substantially more energy efficient than using traditional stage lighting exclusively.
  • All staging materials can be selected based on re-use and recycle principles. We limit expendables, always.
  • Our production team travels whenever feasible by rail, mass transit, car-pooling or walking when we're working on local and regional planning and conference execution. Our teams also insist on low-emission or hybrid vehicle choices when we're renting cars on assignment.
  • We can help you choose environmentally well-rated hotels, venues and other "green" conference facilities in a location that minimizes travel distance for participants.
  • We work closely with well-selected sub-contractors and suppliers to keep them focused on your environmental demands.
  • Working with our consulting partners, we can help you audit, and calculate excess emissions from show electrical power use.
  • In coordination with the main conference process, we can help you audit your total conference emissions, then purchase and retire emission reduction credits.
  • We're also experts on creating smaller, local and regional satellite meeting events to reduce air travel and hotel burden.
  • We can recommend right-scaled events, remote conferencing and media solutions to help cut the environmental burden often associated with large events.

AVH, some of our environmentally-focused projects:

We have produced a number of environmental-awareness projects over our history, for example:

  • "Clearing the Air" a broadcast television special featuring Alex Trebek to explore the issue of emissions.
  • Fairmont Hotels, Environmental Issues training program and supporting videos.
  • Environmental Program Celebration to celebrate the millionth tree planted to re-forest the Sudbury basin.
  • Government of Ontario video "Go North" outlining the advantages of sustainable development investments in Northern Ontario communities.
  • Environmental Program Celebration to celebrate a new low-emission process for INCO.
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