live meetings and events

Events? Where do I start?
We need to ask how we can create a unique event experience that will make our audience want to attend, make the meeting valuable for them and make your messages memorable. Our checklist is a good place to start that process but experience is the most important point of differentiation in creating a great event. AVH live communications is one of Canada's leading meeting and event companies producing shows all over the world for more than 35 years.

Big or small event? How do I put it all together?
AVH live has one of the most experienced and creative teams in the world offering corporate meeting and event management for any size of meeting or event and our involvement is completely scaleable. We can help you develop a meeting or event from the ground up, or we can offer you our services as you need them.

Events that educate, motivate or celebrate?
Creative, strategic, and tactical solutions can deliver that special communications connection you need. That's what AVH live can do and continues to do for the most demanding clients in the world. For events that educate, motivate and celebrate contact us at AVH live communications.

Your Event Checklist
Watch our meetings and events demo or contact us to see how we can bring your messages to life.
who we are demo
who we are
the sound & light experience demo
the sound & light experience
the edumercial demo
the edumercial
live meetings & events demo
live meetings & events
compelling video demo
compelling video
presentations that work demo
presentations that work