the sound and light experience

Want a new solution to attract more visitors and enhance tourism?
Sound & Light shows are now seen as top-level attractions for visitors around the world. AVH live communications award winning Sound & Light show drew more than a million visitors to Parliament Hill. In Charlottetown AVH's Sound & Light show has already earned rave reviews and large crowds. This type of event can draw more visitors to your location.

Want to draw people to your unique building, site or location?
AVH has developed a new methodology that makes this type of event feasible for almost any venue. Until AVH developed this break-through approach, Sound & Light shows were always seen as prohibitively expensive ventures. Discover a new way to entertain, educate, invite and inspire your visitors. Ask us about a feasibility analysis.

Want to be inspired?
The artists, technicians and producers on the AVH live team have many years of audience-pleasing events behind us. And we have the articles and letters that prove it. Ask us more about our satisfied client base.

Watch our sound & light demo or contact us to see how we can bring your messages to life.
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who we are
the sound & light experience demo
the sound & light experience
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